Blind love

In love with me
You’re so obviously, unnaturally, unquestionably
blindly in love with me
It’s not like you’re trying to withhold
You’re so directly and bold
I don’t know how
Maybe in the future
But I can’t right now,
Give me some space

It’s not like, when I say
That I love you so much
That I mean it
It’s so typical for you
To take things too serious
When it’s super obvious

You respond by saying
That you love water
More than anything in the world
Or could it be brian,
I mean steven,
Or soup, brian, or steven (or mat)
Wait, even sella
Could make it on the list

It’s clear, what a coincidence
All those things we have in common
Without doubt, you lay awake at night
Can’t catch the sleep, thinking of me
You certainly admire, cherish your desire
But I’m sorry, you’re not the person I can ever be

I don’t want to make you feel bad about things
Beer, rock,
Breaking all the rules there are to be broken,
Forever saying fuck
being an amazing daring crazy punk rebel
We both share those things
But man, it ain’t pure luck
That made us like this
You gotta hand it to me
These things were unmistakably
My idea

I just want to let you know
That I figured out
How it comes
Why it is, that you love me
It is, possibly, probably
Because I appear so
Comfortable and mature
With strong opinions
And yet even stronger arms

You see
All this bullshit stupid nonsense,
My nonstop private performance
Maybe, eventually,
Will be

The reason you’re smiling,
When there is nothing to smile about


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